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Manufacturing remains critically important to both the developing and the advanced world, In many countries the sector is in a state of transition: growing in emerging economies; shrinking but becoming more productive in advanced economies. Some markets compete on cost, others on technology and innovation. Manufacturing in Kenya contributes about14.8% of the GDP; the industry has experienced only a slight growth since the country’s independence. In the post-independence era the manufacturing industry grew fast, but it started facing stagnation as from the 1980s. High energy costs, power shortages, and the influx of cheap imports are some of the factors that led to the stagnation of the industry. Most of the country’s industries are located in the major cities of Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa. Most of the industries are focused on the food sector, and they include beer production, grain milling industries, sugar industries. There are also several car assembly industries like CMC motors Kenya, General Motors, and an oil refinery which refines imported crude oil to petroleum products which are meant for domestic consumption. There is also a cement industry that focuses on producing cement or construction. Some of the companies in the cement industry include Mombasa cement, Bamburi cement, Savannah cement, Athi River mining limited, and the East African Portland Cement Company. Lastly, there is a fast-growing informal sector in the country where individuals manufacture household goods in small scale for the local market.

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Some of the goods include soap, automobile parts, and kitchen utensils. To boost the industrial and manufacturing sector, the government has issued favorable tax conditions to the industries. Some industrial equipment and raw products are subject to zero tax. The US has also tried to boost the manufacturing sector through the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, which was established in 2000, of which Kenya is a beneficiary. The overall performance of the manufacturing sector has been affected by low capital injection and high costs of doing business brought about by underdeveloped physical infrastructure, limited access to finance, and underdeveloped institutional frameworks and skills; resulting in limited FDI and increased external investment. Combining our global industry knowledge, deep resources and personalized service, we offer solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize profitability. In addition, our team is committed in helping companies identify, understand, and respond to changing trends, business models, and opportunities in the rapidly evolving Retail landscape. Global Retail & Distribution page is part of the Global Consumer & Industrial Products Industry group.

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